Dining In Hatta

Experience local cuisines, food truck bites and BBQ grills while taking in the adventures and beauty of Hatta


Fuel your hunger between your activities with fresh fast food from our onsite food trucks. Serving everything from breakfast and lunch to hot drinks and snacks

Local Restaurants

Hatta Wadi Hub have partnered with some of the best local restaurants in the area offering an array of tasty local cuinses. Enjoy diner with a view of the mountains or order a takeaway to the resort A must to experience while you in Hatta

Local Products

Did you know Hatta is home to some of the best homemade food products in Dubai with the local farmers making their onw Hatta Honeys, Dairy and coffee. Pick up a souvenir or the perfect gift for a family & friend whilst your with us at the Hatta Wadi Hub

Our merchandise




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