Stay in breathtaking natural surroundings

Closed for the season

Whichever style of accommodation you choose, you can relax in comfort with unique views of the surrounding national park and the natural splendor of Hatta’s landscapes.


Sedr Trailers Resort

Closed for the season

Camp along the banks of Hatta Dam in a luxuriously appointed trailer in the wilderness. Leave your car with us at reception and we’ll transport you to your very own Sedr trailer nestled in the mountains.


Damani Lodges Resort

Closed for the season

Damani Lodges Resort features cozy purpose-built lodges in the amazing Hatta Mountains overlooking the village and the Hatta Wadi Hub activity park. You’ll have access to all the standard hotel amenities. But step out of your lodgings and your right back in nature.

Hatta Caravan Park

Closed for the season

A mountainside Caravan Park boasting luxury RV’s with easy access to the Hatta Wadi Hub and nature trails. Enjoy the glamping life in Dubai’s famous national Park, Hatta!

Hatta Dome Park

Closed for the season

The newest addition to Hatta’s glamping experience with 15 dome shaped, permanent tent structures designed with panoramic windows offering majestic views of the Hatta mountain range.


Hatta Campsite

Closed for the season

Outdoor enthusiasts, eco-warriors and intrepid culture seekers can enjoy exploring the serene landscapes of Hatta from the comfort of your own caravan or tent, surrounded by the natural spender of Hatta Camping.

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