Welcome to Hatta

Opening Hours

Hatta resorts reception is open from 08:00am to 12:00 pm and 03:30pm to 9:30pm. Hatta wadi hub is open from 08:00am to 07:00pm daily.
Hatta resorts timings may differ, visit the stay page for more information.

Getting Here

Hatta is located in the east side of the Emirates within Dubai and is a approximately 90 mins drive from DXB Airport. The route is easy to navigate and has beautiful scneic views of the Sharjah desert and the Hatta mountains as you cruise the winding roads


  • Operating Hours
    Midweek: 7 am to 9 pm
    Weekend: 7 am to 12 mid night
    Timings may vary. Call 048522200
  • Security
    24 Hours
  • BBQ & Fire Pit
    Your stay has access to a common area with a fire pit and BBQ so you can immerse yourself in the great outdoors.
  • WiFi
    Alert: Wi-Fi can be slow within the mountain range surrounding Hatta.
  • Wheelchair Access
    Please note due to rough terrain, there is no Wheel Chair access.


  • How do I book my stay at Hatta?
    Please follow the links to learn more and book your stay! Sedr Trailers, Damani Lodges or Hatta Camping Grounds.
  • Where are the Sedr Trailers / Damani lodges / Camping Grounds located? 
    Please follow the following map links to see the exact locations Google maps link 

    Sedr Trailers Resort

    Damani Lodges Resort              

    Hatta Caravan Park              

  • Is it possible to have an early check-in?
    Early check-in is subject to availability on the day. Please send us an email request on hotelreservations@visithatta.ae.
  • How much is the price for one night?
    Prices will vary based on the room type and date of choice. Please visit our website for more information https://visithatta.com/en/ or call 048522200.
  • Do you have a number I can call to make a reservation?
    For reservations please call: 048522200.
  • Do you have an international number for bookings and enquiries?
    For all enquiries please call +971 48522200.
  • Where can I learn more information about Hatta?
    You’ve come to the right place! Please visit to find out more.
  • Are all activities open to the public? 
    The majority of our activities are open from October 1st to May 5th.
  • What are the duration of the activities?
    Each activity varies in duration, please click here to learn more.
  • Do we need to book the activities in advance? 
    The activities can only be booked on-site at the Hatta Wadi Hub.
  • What are the age restrictions for the activities? 
    Most of the activities are open for ages 6+ however some of the more thrilling activities are restricted to ages 16+.
  • When is the Hatta Wadi Hub activity center closed?
    Hatta Wadi Hub opening hours are: Oct 1st to May 5th from  8am – 7pm daily.
  • What are the opening dates and times for Hatta Wadi Hub?
    Hatta Wadi Hub opens from 9am daily and closes at 7pm.
  • Are dogs allowed in Hatta Kayak? 
    You may bring your dog with you to Hatta kayak as long as you have full control of your animal. The dog must also wear a life vest and stay inside the kayak at all times.
  • Can we bring our pets to the accommodation?
    Pets are not allowed in the Hatta resorts.
  • Can we bring our pets to Hatta Wadi Hub?
    Pets are allowed at the Hatta Wadi Hub outside of the venue only.
  • Where is the exact location?
     Hatta Wadi Hub is located 3km from the main Hatta Fort roundabout, please see the google link for more details:  https://goo.gl/maps/jWMFcqePuaP2ftKo8 
  • Are the venues wheel chair friendly? 
    The Hatta Wadi hub can be accessed by wheel chair however the resorts require assistance with a buggy or hotel vehicle to reach the rooms as they are located on rocky terrain. Please notify us on arrival so that we can arrange a buggy for easier access.
  • Are the venues baby stroller friendly?
    Strollers with large wheels will manage the terrain, however there are challenges around the resorts. The Hatta Wadi Hub is accessible by baby stroller.
  • Are Baby changing facilities available on site? 
     We have baby changing facilities located at the Hatta Wadi Hub toilet facilities.
  • Are Changing rooms available onsite?
    Changing rooms are available on site at the Hatta Wadi Hub washroom facilities.
  • Can I buy or hire Equipment for hiking, biking or BBQ’ing? 
     Biking equipment is available to rent from the Hatta Wadi Hub including protection and bikes. Hiking equipment is not available on site. BBQ equipment can be purchased from the local supermarket in the Hatta village, there are BBQ huts that can be rented at the Hatta Wadi Hub.
  • Can I access WIFI in the venue?
    Currently there is WIFI accessible for free at the Hatta Wadi hub. Please note due to being within a natural mountain range, Wi-Fi speed can vary considerably.
  • Where is the closest emergency services? 
     Hatta has its own police station and ambulance service located 5 mins from the Hatta Wadi Hub.
  • Do you have any restaurants nearby?
    Hatta Wadi Hub has 3 food trucks on site offering a variety of food. If you are looking for a dining experience there are a number of restaurants 5 minutes’ drive into the Hatta Village.
  • Is there an area where people can bring their own tent to camp or caravan? 
    Yes Hatta Camping Grounds is an open area that allows campers to pitch their tents, there are basic facilities available and the Hatta Wadi Hub washrooms are close by.
  • Do the activities close during bad weather (rain/sandstorm/etc)?
    Activities will close temporarily due to rain for safety reasons and will reopen as soon as they are dry. Activities such as Hiking, Mountain Biking and Kayaking remain open during the rain at the customers own risk.