Sama Hatta

A three-story villa with expansive views of the neighbouring landscape can be found on one of Hatta's largest farms

One of Hatta’s larger Farms with a 3-story villa offering abundant views of the local landscape. The villa is set with a pool, BBQ area, lots of seating and privacy amidst its beautiful setting. Be sure to visit the abundance of friendly camels that reside at the farm.

This beautiful stone style villa is a unique venue located in the heart of the village with close proximities to the shops and the Hatta Wadi Hub activity park.

- All the farms displayed here are under private management. All booking and queries are made between the guests and owners directly
- Each of the farms have individual owners, please connect with the preferred farm resort for all bookings and questions
- Please note that Visit Hatta by Dubai Holding is not liable for any bookings or stays at the farms as this is a separate entity to the Hatta Resorts